Please read prior to preparing your items. We will not accept or sell items that are not properly prepared or tagged.   New to consigning?  See our "How to Consign" guide for step by step instructions on registering, entering items, printing tags, preparing items and helpful tips.   For the safety of all shoppers and their little ones, please check recall lists prior to bringing your items to the sale. 


  • Wire Hangers

  • Safety Pins

  • Ziploc Bags

  • Clear Packing Tape

  • Access to a computer and printer

  • WHITE Cardstock


  • Place clothing on hangers with the hook turned left (see diagram below)

  • Pants, shorts & skirts should be secured on hangers using safety pins

  • (No straight pins or tape!)

  • If it comes off the hanger, add more safety pins! Items do not sell if they have fallen under the racks or if they lose their tag.

  • 2 piece outfits: first, put the shirt on the hanger and pin the bottoms to the shirt at the shoulders. INCLUDE the hanger in the pin so the weight of the bottoms do not pull down on the shirt.

  • Make sure clothing is clean and ironed if necessary.

*Helpful tips- Hang up your clothing items and sort them by size / gender first. Then enter them into the system. The drop down lists for category and size will remain with your last entry until they are changed. So, for example, you can go through and enter all your girls size 4T clothing without having to change the category or size between each item. The tags will also print in the order entered so you can then print the tags and go backwards through the pile you just entered to put the tags on.

clothes-tagging-image (1).jpg





  • The minimum price is $1.00 and can be increased in $1.00 dollar increments.

  • Check the “discount” box when entering your items to have the item go to the 1/2 price sale.

  • Hand written tags will not be accepted.


  • Use ONLY white cardstock to print your tags.

  • Use a safety pin to attach the tag on the upper right side of the garment (as you are looking at the item)

  • Make sure your tags are secure. Placing a piece of packaging tape over the safety pin works great. Please understand we can’t sell an item if it has lost the tag.


  • Shoes must be very clean!

  • Shoes must be appropriate to the season (No winter boots in spring, no sandals in fall)

  • For larger size shoes: Tie laces together and place a safety pin thru them to secure tightly. On shoes without laces use zip ties or string keep them together. Do not tape shoes together.

  • If you have the original shoe box and wish to include it, make sure the tag is on the shoes NOT the box as they can easily become separated.


  • Use clear packaging tape to attach the tag to the item.

  • Make sure the item is super clean and if it is battery operated, that it has working batteries.

  • Toys having loose pieces should be placed in a zip-loc bag then attached to the item as securely as possible.

  • Books can be bundled and placed in large ziploc baggies with the top taped shut. (limit 12 books per consigner)

  • Board puzzles can be put together and secured with a couple layers of saran wrap and packaging tape. Please tape boxed puzzles shut.



  • Baby and children items that are in great condition!

  • Seasonally appropriate children’s clothing that is in excellent condition and current style- size newborn to 14. (Clothing items that cross seasons like jeans, light weight cardigans/rain jackets, etc are fine for all sales)

  • Boutique items will be accepted (Please make sure to hang on boutique rack when dropping off)

  • Seasonally appropriate shoes

  • All things for baby: Changing tables, high chairs, equipment, strollers, pack-n-plays, bedding (as full sets only i.e. sheets, blanket, mobile, with the same theme) Baby carriers Etc.

  • Costumes (Fall/winter sale only)

  • Power wheels, riding toys, and Little Tykes equipment

  • Toys for infants, toddlers thru pre-teens

  • Car seats less than 5 years old

  • Puzzles, Books (limit 12 per consigner), Boxed Games, DVD’s, All gaming systems

  • Baby feeding supplies (for sanitary purposes, please no nipples)

  • Sports equipment



  • Clothing with stains, holes, missing buttons, broken zippers. Etc.

  • Out of season clothing (ie. No winter coats, heavy sweaters, lined jeans, cords at the spring/summer sales, no shorts, tank tops, sundresses at the fall/winter sales)

  • Juniors or adult clothing even if size extra small and fits like a child size 14 or smaller.

  • No out of date clothing will be accepted.

  • Toys, equipment or furniture with missing/non-functioning parts.

  • Items missing batteries, that require them to fully function (Batteries must be included).

  • Stuffed Animals

  • Items with vulgar graphics

  • Baby bathtubs

  • Items with cigarette, musty or other odors

  • Helmets and underwear that at not brand new in the original packaging

  • ANY item that has been recalled

  • NO drop down side cribs

  • Childrens metal jewelry

  • VCR tapes

  • Bags or bundles of McDonalds or Dollar Store type toys.

  • Furniture that is not baby/children related


  • Please inspect your items closely before bringing them to the sale. Ask yourself, “would I buy this again?” Keep in mind that we reserve the right to refuse any item that does not meet our standards at drop off.

  • Make sure toys, strollers, pack n plays, etc. are super clean and in working condition.

  • Toys must include all parts and those requiring batteries MUST have batteries.

  • Please check out on toys or equipment- Remember it is the responsibility of the consigner to ensure that an item they are selling has not been recalled.


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