Arrive at your reserved time. Please allow time for inspection of your items. We will check for stains, that items are in season, and that toys are in working condition. Upon inspection you will need to place your items in their assigned place on the floor. If volunteers are available we will be happy to assist you! 

  • Please select a drop off time by logging in to your consignor account.

  • When you arrive you will be given a consignor agreement to review and sign.

  • TIP: Having your clothing items sorted by size and gender prior to drop off will speed up the check in process. Rubberbands around the neck of the hanger work well to keep sizes separated.

  • Laundry baskets, plastic bins, boxes, are helpful in carrying in your items. We currently do not have rolling carts but hope to provide that accommodation in the near future.


Consignors have the option to pick up their unsold items or donate them to charity.  The process of picking-up unsold items is very simple and efficient:

  • Arrive anytime during the pickup hours (No sign up time needed)

  • You will find your left over items in a pile with you consigner number listed.

  • Be sure to check the lost and found before you leave.

  • Please note that if you are missing an item, you must let us know prior to pick up ending. We can not look for an item once it goes to charity.

  • There will be an area set up should you wish to donate some of your unsold items.

  • It is your choice to pick-up or donate your unsold items.

  • Stop at the check out table to confirm your items have been picked up.

  • Any items not picked up by the end of consignor pick up hours will become the property of Little L's Consignment Sale and will be donated to a local charity of our choice.


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